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Hotel De Zeeuwse Kust is located on a beautiful location at the foot of the dunes of Renesse on the beautiful Schouwen-Duiveland in Zeeland. Besides enjoying the sun on the beach, Schouwen-Duiveland has much more to offer; throughout the year! Discover it and experience a real Zealand vacation at Hotel De Zeeuwse Kust!

Visit the monumental Zierikzee

Zierikzee has a historic and characteristic center with historic buildings. Visit the Dikke Toren (Big Tower), the Burgerweeshuis (Civic Center), the old Stadhuis (Old Town Hall), the city walls and gates. See for yourself why Zierikzee is represented in the monuments top 10. Zierikzee is also well known for its cozy hospitality venues. Whether you're looking for a nice restaurant, sunny terrace or cozy pub in Zierikzee, you will find it! In Zierikzee you will find many cultural aspects. You can visit the Museumhaven (Harbour Museum). You will find a lot of maritime history at two beautiful locations in Zierikzee. The medieval Oude Haven (Old Port) is an impressive fleet of historic ships. You can also visit the Stads- en Commerciewerf (City and Commerce Yard, a real ship's restoration yard) and watch ships being repaired. You will also find in Zierikzee the Stadhuismuseum (Town Hall Museum), which is housed in a beautiful heritage building in the center of Zierikzee. The museum tells the story of the ups and downs of the city, its residents and its relationship with the surrounding land and water. Not afraid of height? Sint Lievensmonstertoren, or "Big Tower" for the locals, offers stunning views of the historic city. This tower was never finished, but even this monstrous tower high. Scary? Maybe a little ... But what a view!


In the Watersnood Museum you get a picture of what happened in the period during and after the floods of 1953. The museum is located in Ouwerkerk on the spot where the last hole in the dike is closed. The museum consists of four cassions with each with its own theme, focusing on remembering, learning and looking ahead. The museum has an audio tour.

Information Centre Grevelingen

Surprise yourself and go exploring! Information Centre Grevelingen (Inspiration Center Grevelingen) is the ideal starting point for your stay on the islands. It lies on the border of Zeeland and South Holland, between the North Sea and the Grevelingenmeer.

Information Centre Grevelingen Brouwersdam binnenzijde 25, 3253 MK Ouddorp


Experience the authentic rural life in Dreischor! This museum in a restored 18th-century farmhouse paints a picture of peasant life from the early 20th century. The authentically furnished house impresses, as well as the stories about flax, madder, the draft horse and Zeeland Schouwen-Duiveland.

Of course, our staff will be happy to provide further information on active trips in the area of De Zeeuwse Kust!

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