Mini Mundi

Discover Miniature Walcheren.

The newly constructed miniature park with its sunken walking routes has exactly the same contours as Walcheren. The 1:20 scale models show you many of Walcheren's historic buildings, from the Middelburg town hall and the Lange Jan abbey tower to the Vlissingen boulevard.

Experience the amusement park with the whole family on the roller coaster or on the swing boat. While you're outside, you can also enjoy the authentic carousel and of course you can take a ride on the Mini Mundi Express.

Berkenhof Tropical Zoo

Attention adventurers, nature lovers and daredevils!

There is a lot to experience in the Kwadendam mini jungle of Berkenhof Tropical Zoo!

A green iguana rustles through the green treetops, dwarf caimans watch you from behind the bushes and a tarantula can just land on your hand... wow, that must be exciting! Or how about a snake around your neck? Which of you is the bravest?

Is this all a bit too creepy? Of course, our animals can also be admired from a distance. From colorful chameleons to curious monkeys and armadillos. From toucans to poison frogs and butterflies in the most spectacular colors. The animal friends of Berkenhof Tropical Zoo can rightly be called a colorful group.

Glow Golf Middelburg

At GlowGolf Middelburg you can play mini golf (or miniature golf) among the elephants, tigers and monkeys. The 18-hole Glow-in-the-Dark mini golf course is completely covered. You play in a unique setting with life-size 3-dimensional animals. The course is illuminated with black lights. GlowGolf Middelburg is a great outing for young and old. Perfect for any weather type. With 3D glasses you complete the experience and the animals almost come to life.